Case: QUATROtours
About the project
The QUATROtours team, which has developed more than 60 individual and group programs for travelers. They create their own tours, transform them according to the wishes of customers and are fully responsible for the quality of the product.
In their tours, they focus not on attractions in tourist places, but on bright activities and picturesque locations that unknowing people pass by
  • Update a multi-page site and make it more visually presentable
  • Prepare the site for the launch of an advertising campaign
  • Difficulty in submitting an application. There was a big rejection of the page: they opened it and immediately closed it without leaving an application
  • The previous contractor on the site took payment and did a poor job
  • A form has appeared on the first screen, the client's path to submitting an application has been shortened and simplified
  • Fully posted all the information about the tours –– a separate page for each tour for the convenience of users
  • An analytics system was connected, goals were set
  • Additionally, we have implemented a script that tracks user activity and records the achievement of the “60 seconds” goal
  • The site is currently under constant technical support
  • Developed a convenient, adaptive design for mobile devices. As a result, the site is displayed qualitatively on any medium without losing its functionality
#design #branding #graphic_design #brandbook #website_development
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