Case: Matreks
About the project
For more than 20 years, the company has been manufacturing mattresses and takes care of the comfortable rest of its customers. In the presence of children's and interior beds, pillows and mattress covers
  • Redesign the online store to make it convenient and modern
  • Prepare website for advertising
  • Adapt to all devices for posting a link in social networks
  • Tell about the brand and products
  • Non-responsive site with outdated information, not suitable for receiving traffic
  • The old site was located on a service with low-quality support -– changes were made in violation of the established deadlines and through a long approval process
  • Updated site structure and design
  • Added analytics system
  • Added products, filters and categories to them
  • Developed a convenient, adaptive design for mobile devices. As a result, the site is displayed qualitatively on any medium without losing its functionality
#design #branding #graphic_design #brandbook #website_development
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