Consistent work for the best result
  • Contract
    Before starting the development of the site, we conclude an official contract, issue checks for accounting
  • Analysis
    Interview with you, studying the market and competitors, developing a sitemap that will allow you to build a strategy to attract customers
  • Text
    Writing texts for the target audience of your business that captivate and sell
  • Development
    Prototyping and design. Coordination with you at every stage
  • Layout
    Transfer of design to the site, adding animation and code if needed
  • Support
    Within a week, training in interaction with the platform and services, transferring access to accounts
In our team
  • Copywriter
    Writes unique selling texts that convince and lead to leaving an application
  • UX/UI Designer
    Develops the structure of the site based on the analysis of competitors and the behavior of the target audience
  • Graphic Designer
    Creates a memorable design and elements that will be associated with your company
  • Programmer
    Transfers the result of the work of other specialists to the online space, sets up the domain, forms, notifications, etc.
  • Mobile Application Developer
    Creates applications for iOS and Android, connects the possibility of payment, booking, notifications
  • Advertising Specialist
    Sets up advertising campaigns in Google, and Yandex, and social networks, analyzes their effectiveness and makes them as convertible as possible
Completed projects
Task: to create a website in a concise style for the presentation of the business program for developers and realtors, to ensure the acceptance of applications for the event
Task: create a landing page where you can pay for a course or arrange an installment plan, and show examples of work in the "before-after" format
Website development is not as easy as it might seem at first glance
Website development is not as easy as it might seem at first glance
How we work on your website
  • 1/ Brief
    Discussion of the details of the technical task and collection of materials, analysis of business problems, development and approval of the site structure
  • 2/ Concept
    Drawing up a moodboard, presenting the future style of the project, justifying the decisions made
  • 3/ Prototype
    Writing texts and creating a structure for a customer's path to a purchase or a target action
  • 4/ Design
    Rendering of all pages in accordance with the approved concept and prototype
  • 5/ Layout
    Transferring design to the site, setting up animation, connecting CRM, domain, notifications, etc.
  • 6/ Support
    Training on how to use the platform, support for any questions within 1 week after launch
Reviews →
PR-manager GMK
The briefing was quick and clear, it's cool that they offered improvement options and some chips. Thanks for the service and advice. In general, there was good communication, the work was done quickly and efficiently. I am grateful for your cooperation. We continue further)
Online Course Producer
Thanks for your work! You are an excellent professional and most importantly a decent person! Thanks for a great site! And a special thank you for your continued support! I am pleased with the results of working with you, in the future I will involve you in other projects!
Head of sleep goods stores Matreks
Natalia, thanks for your work! We worked on the last site for almost a year, and everything went through with you in a month. I'm not good at technical settings, but you are always ready to explain what's what. Thanks!
Owner of the RedRose dance studio
I really liked the analysis of my [current] site, I saw the great advantages of the option offered to me. My site weighed me down, the long road of setting up in the company *** just unsettled me and took a lot of time.
Now with Natalia I see perspectives and modern methods in design, design, convenience and content. I look forward to launching our new website with better features!))
Thank you, Natalia, for the advice and you have gained confidence in me! We work further!)
A very concise solution for a business card site and recommendations for profile packaging - thank you!
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